How can one tell?



Re: Tour buses create fear, loathing in Pattaya (PM Friday, 01 August 2014) – Last week PA published a photo of a bus “Roaring down” beach road. How one can tell the speed of a vehicle from a still photograph is beyond me.

As these vehicles are low geared they have little chance to engage a high gear and give the impression of speed. They travel no faster than the conditions allow, being overtaken by motorcycles and nimbler vehicles.

Last year there was the sad case of an Irish national being killed on the corner of Beach & Pattaya Tai roads. All comments blamed the bus driver. The results of the autopsy were never aired and it was thought the farang walked into the bus while drunk. This we will never be known. A driver must be quite alert to negotiate this bend so also must the people on foot.

The size of these vehicles frightens some people whereas in actual fact whilst much longer than the average SUV they are only a few foot wider & fit into the marked lanes with little to spare.

Bryan Patricks


Ed’s note: “How one can tell the speed of a vehicle from a still photograph is beyond me.” Simple, the staff photographer who took the photo reported that there was no traffic in front of the bus and that it was traveling at a dangerously high rate of speed. In case of emergency, these buses are big and heavy and it takes them a long time to stop at that rate of speed.