Defunct Pattaya Waterfront Tower



I remember it well… more of a nightmare. The Pattaya mayor at the time made a bold statement that when the infamous Waterfront Tower became defunct and derelict saying, “We’ve fixed them, we have locked the doors and turned off the water and electric power.” What he didn’t realise was, he also turned off the big red flashing aircraft warning lights at the top of the tower.

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Being an ex-Air Force pilot I would shudder at the sight of low flying aircraft and helicopters flying to & fro from the Royal Cliff hotels and local hospitals right over this huge tower in the dark of night.

I called City Hall and wrote to the newspapers stating the danger involved but to no result. Another 9-11 air crash in the waiting

That’s almost 20 years ago and they have been so lucky.  But for how much longer?

George Strampp