Nissan can make more improvements



Re: Nissan Teana – all the bells and whistles and no chauffeur’s hat (PM Automania Friday, 31 January 2014) – Don’t get me wrong, I like Nissan and have 4 parked outside my home that I’ve purchased new in the last 2 years. You say the car is full of “Options” yet options are optional and Nissan does not do that in Thailand. You buy the model you want in the color you choose and it comes that way. As for limousine, which would infer to lots of rear legroom, some of their smaller models, like the Almera has more legroom at half the price. So when I am driving I have to be careful when I turn it off as the seat goes back and crushes the back passengers legs. And 8 kpl is dismal and last in its class. More improvements can be made by Nissan.

Jeffrey McCollum