Pattaya’s replica cremation pyre moved to Chaimongkol Temple

(l-r) Horst Mueller, Mana Yaprakam and Elfi Seitz.
(l-r) Horst Mueller, Mana Yaprakam and Elfi Seitz.

Expats and tourists joined the effort at a Pattaya studio to create decorations for this month’s royal cremation ceremony.

Pattaya Blatt Editor Elfi Seitz and friend Horst Mueller visited Mana Studio in Naklua Sept. 22 to see the scale model of the vast pyre being constructed in Bangkok.

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Mana Yaprakam, chairman of the Pattaya Cultural Council, hosted the visit. The construction was sponsored by Banglamung District, Pattaya City Hall, the culture council and the Pattaya Independent Artists’ Group.

Pattaya’s replica of the royal cremation pyre was moved to Chaimongkol Temple on Oct. 10 in preparation for the area’s Oct. 26 mirror ceremony.

More than 40 volunteers worked on the stage, where those unable to go to Sanam Luang can pay their respects and lay flower garlands for HM the late King.

The Pattaya pyre is one of 85 constructed around the country, as the Bangkok main stage, while huge, will not be able to accommodate all mourners.