Weekdays showing signs of life in Pattaya

Chatchai Srisane a motorcycle taxi driver poses with a group of Indian tourists that he had guided to the Pattaya Floating Market.

Only weeks ago, Pattaya tourist businesses bemoaned weekdays. Not so much anymore.

Unlike a few months ago, when weekends and holidays seemed busy in Pattaya, weekdays were dead. But the easing of tourist-entry restrictions is leading to a steady increase in visitors who don’t leave town on Sunday afternoons. The difference is noticeable.

Even on May 23, a Monday, traffic headed into Pattaya was congested and area tourists attractions such as the Pattaya Floating Market and Underwater World were crowded. So were beer bars on Soi 7 and 8, at least the ones still in business.

Motorcycle-taxi driver Chatchai Srisane said tourists have used his bike to go the long distances to such attractions, which is lucrative for him, as all the rates are negotiated. Plus he gets a commission from the establishments for bringing the tourists there.

Tourists watch a tiger enjoying a swim at the Tiger Park which has reopened to welcome visitors.