The Riviera Monaco reaches another remarkable milestone

Winston and Sukanya Gale, together with their team of executives and builders, pose on the rooftop of the 40-storey Riviera Monaco overlooking the magnificent Pattaya Bay at the Topping Out ceremony.

The Riviera Monaco celebrated completion of this first phase of the construction with a ‘Topping Out’ ceremony held on the rooftop of the 40-storey structure overlooking the spectacular Pattaya Bay on July 22, 2020.

It was a mere two years ago when The Riviera Group launched what now looks like the most graceful condominium structure on Jomtien Beach.

Side by side, Winston and Sukanya Gale are a major force in shaping the future of the property market in Thailand.

At the launch ceremony on June 23, 2018, Winston Gale, Managing Director of The Riviera Group extolled his new undertaking saying, “Following the success of the Riviera Wong Amat and the Riviera Jomtien, the Riviera Monaco was created to provide a new experience in luxury living and lifestyle. The name says it all, as buyers and investors will get to experience a similar feel to Monaco in the tropics of Thailand.”

It didn’t seem that long ago when this area had very little in the way of residences, but today, it’s a different story. The Riviera Monaco from today’s position sits in the centre of all the other properties and for today at least, is the current tallest structure amongst the cluster of buildings.

This new 40-storey luxury condominium is built on an eight-rai plot, offers 412 units with different sizes to suit one’s needs. The exceptional design and architecture of this unique, modern and sophisticated building ensure that 77% of the units will have unobstructed views of the sea.

Winston Gale pops open the champagne bottle as Ananda Everingham, Sukanya Gale, former Pattaya mayor Anan Charoenchasri and former MP Chanyut Hengtrakul celebrate the launch of Riviera Monaco on June 23, 2018.

With Monaco’s structure now looking almost complete with windows fully installed, it does add class to the area and know-doubt all surrounding projects will benefit from this.

Winston is confident that the project will be completed in June 2021, four months ahead of schedule.

Anol Eaksil SVP, Corporate Banking 2 – East, Suparp Kuhapensaeng Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking 2 – East, and Sommai Ungsrithong, FSVP, Corporate Banking 2 Function together with Sukanya and Winston Gale give the ‘thumbs up’ after the multimillion-baht loan contract was signed, sealed and delivered.

You can see that construction is progressing at a rapid pace because the stunning showroom that wowed the property market two years ago has been taken down in preparation for the final stage in completing the project.

The elegant showroom now takes up the entire 3rd floor of the main building where fully furnished luxury units of various styles and décor have been custom crafted to appeal to potential buyers.

For more information, please call: Sales: 098-989-1324, 038-119-097,, facebook: @therivieramonaco, Email: [email protected]

Winston and Sukanya Gale receive the most prestigious ‘Best High Rise Condo Development (Eastern Seaboard) Award’ for The Rivera Monaco by The Rivera Group.


The Riviera Monaco team is reaching for the sky and beyond.