St. Patrick’s Day parade celebrated in Soi Welcome Jomtien in Pattaya

Paul Cross (left) celebrates St Patrick’s Day with a ginger bearded Leprechaun Gnome and one without.

Pattaya is still going through some tough times and celebrations and gatherings of large crowds is still not permitted. But all these restrictions did not deter businesses and residents in Soi Welcome Jomtien from organising their own St Patrick’s day parade on March 17.

The celebrations did not need hundreds or thousands of people to walk down Jomtien Beach road, but just a handful of business owners, friends, families and guests wearing green t-shirts and Irish leprechaun hats and beards parading up and down Soi Welcome waving Irish and Shamrock flags.

They were joined in the parade by expats from many countries waving their national flags, showing unity and friendship for each other when humanity most needs it.

There was dancing and singing and of course eating and imbibing in a couple of drinks along the length of the street, adorned with orange and green balloons identifying the sacred colours of Ireland.

Paul Cross, landlord of the Richmond Bar and the chief organiser said, “The parade was organised not only to celebrate St. Patricks day, but more importantly to pray for peace and love and an end to human suffering during these horrible times of unprovoked aggression and injustice in Ukraine.”

The next parade to pray and call for peace in Ukraine will be held on Thursday April 14 commencing at 6 p.m. All are welcome to join.

Residents of Soi Welcome Jomtien wave Thai and Irish flags gather at the start of the parade.

Expats of many nationalities participated in the International St. Patrick’s Day parade in Soi Welcome Jomtien.

Two pretty leprechauns were part of the festivities.

Leprechauns and gnomes of all nationalities celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Pattaya.