Squid fishing on raft becoming popular in Pattaya among expats and Thai holiday makers

Squid fishing off Pattaya Beach is now becoming a very popular time-off activity for tourists looking for something new to do.

Squid fishing off Pattaya Beach has become a very popular past time for tourists looking for something new to do. The increasing number of long holidays, Thai tourists visiting Pattaya are looking for new things to do. Squid fishing has become one of those.

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Boats take tourists to the large floating platforms just a kilometer out in Pattaya Bay. Tourists can experience something new with families and friends and also enjoy fresh seafood they catch themselves.

The couple shows off the squid they catch themselves.

Prices start at just 400 baht per person with speedboats leaving from Bali Hai Pier on the hour from 5-7 p.m. with a maximum five people. Boats will return at 11 p.m. or earlier if a group of 10 travels back at the same time.

Included is a fishing pole, the seafood you catch, plus sauces and vegetables. Cold drinks also are available at reasonable prices. Male and female restrooms also are available. Beautiful sunset off Pattaya bay is a great additional value if you travel on a clear sky day. The weather now is indisputably prefect for sea excursion and new fishing experience. While Pattaya still has a long list of weekend activities and events to offer, squid fishing is not also a good idea for a half day relaxationif you fancy fishing and cook up the fresh seafood yourself on the floating raft.

Staff can help customers make sashimi from the squid they catch or grill it.

The upcoming long holidays is one week ahead (Nov 19-22).

More information is available at Facebook.com/takotrip/

I can catch squid myself you see!

Family enjoy the meal together on the raft.


Squids come in many sizes are on the grill.

And they are ready to serve.

Great time with family on holidays.

Soft sofas are set on the raft for easy going fishermen.


The deck of the floating is spacious and safe. Enough beach benches for all.

Fishing rods hang off the floating platform as the radiant sun sets over Pattaya Bay.