Vaccine success injects new hope for tourism to Pattaya

People visiting and working in Pattaya’s entertainment industry certainly hope the vaccine works and becomes available soon.

Pattaya locals and expats expressed hope that promising first results from a late-stage trial of a coronavirus vaccine will see Thailand opening its borders sooner than expected.

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American drug maker Pfizer announced on Nov. 9 that early analysis of its vaccine trial suggested it was more than 90 percent effective, although the trail is not complete and no technical data about the results has been released.

While much work needs to be done and the final vaccine’s approval could still be months away, German expat Enrike said he has high hopes it will be successful. He said many of his friends in Germany want to visit Pattaya, but they cannot now.

Resident Mairsa Nongsa said she hopes it won’t be much longer until a vaccine is released and Pattaya can begin its revival.