Songkran revelry brings joy and traffic to Naklua old market

Vibrant stalls line Naklua and Sukhumvit roads, offering an enticing array of food, drinks, and water-playing equipment, setting the stage for a festive Wan Lai celebration.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Naklua, a vibrant district renowned for its spirited Wan Lai celebrations, was alive with the sounds of laughter and splashing water on April 18 as locals and visitors alike embraced the festive spirit of Songkran. Along Naklua and Sukhumvit roads, vendors set up colourful stalls offering an array of tantalizing treats, beverages, and water-playing equipment, marking a tradition upheld with enthusiasm each passing year.

As the morning turned to afternoon, the streets of Naklua became a playground for revellers, particularly the younger crowd, eager to partake in the jubilant water festivities. Pickup trucks loaded with water tanks roamed the thoroughfares, while pedestrians engaged in spirited water games, enveloping the district in an atmosphere of exuberance.

However, the influx of celebrants also brought about significant traffic congestion, stretching from the Wat Sawang Fa Pruetaram Temple intersection to Naklua Market and beyond. In response, a concerted effort involving the Banglamung Police Station, Pattaya Tourist Police, Pattaya City, and the Banglamung District Administrative Organization mobilized 250 officers to ensure smooth traffic flow and uphold public safety throughout the day.

Young revellers take to the streets of Naklua, armed with water guns and buckets, ready to engage in spirited Songkran water fights under the scorching April sun.

A convoy of pickup trucks equipped with water tanks traverses Naklua, spreading waves of laughter and joy as revellers partake in the lively water festivities.