Rotary Pattaya Banglamung brings clean water and hope to rural family

An elderly woman sits in her humble dwelling, surrounded by containers filled with water from a nearby ditch, the family’s primary source for cleaning and cooking in the absence of proper water infrastructure.

The Rotary Club of Pattaya-Banglamung under the leadership of President Philip Wall Morris, in collaboration with Mercy Pattaya embarked on a transformative life-saving water project for a family of 13 in Pattaya.

Previously reliant on rainwater and a nearby ditch, the family’s water source was revolutionized with the installation of a 1000-liter tank elevated 1.5m above the ground, providing clean, filtered water for drinking, showering, and the kitchen.

The first stage also included water filtration units from the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboad, ensuring immediate access to safe drinking water. The subsequent phases aim to enhance living conditions further, with plans to rebuild outside walls, create a private shower space, and custom-build kitchen tops with a stove.

This initiative reflects a commitment to addressing basic needs, creating a brighter future for families, with on-going projects awaiting support. Join us in making a difference; contact us or Mercy Pattaya to contribute to a better life for those less fortunate.

Tom Keightley from the Rotary Club of Pattaya Banglamung overseeing the installation of water pipes connecting to the house from the newly erected water tank, a crucial step in bringing clean water to a family in need.

Tom Keighley lends a helping hand, actively participating in the installation of a 1000-liter water tank for an underprivileged family that previously depended on water from a nearby ditch.