Ray Bakery School Pattaya offers occupational training for disabled, autistic children

Two apprentices with disabilities show off their baking and preparing drinks skills at the Ray Bakery School Pattaya.

The Father Ray Foundation launched the Ray Bakery School to create career and income opportunities for people with disabilities.
The private school and attached public coffee shop is aimed at helping disabled, autistic and Down syndrome children to learn how to operate restaurant, cafe and bakery businesses.

Purimpree Dokhom, head of vocational promotion, said the Special Needs Development Center was launched at the school on a limited basis, but has grown quickly.
The building was expanded to support more children ages 3-7. After that, they can be accepted into the Father Ray School for Special Needs Children, which takes kids up to 18 years old.

Those working in the bakery school and public restaurant receive training, which is done mostly through example photos, as their reading skills are limited. The instruction can take up to two years.
After that, they can work in the bakery shop to generate income for themselves and their families.

The new Ray Bakery School located on the premises of the Father Ray Foundation on Sukhumvit Road is open to the public.