Quiz: Pattaya Past and Present


1. Pattaya’s newest bar complex Myth Night is located on:
A. Soi Buakhao
B. Rompho market Jomtien
C. Second Road
D. Naklua Road
2. The cabaret show Boys in Heels is currently performed at:
A. Tiffany
B. Castro
C. Venue
D. Alcazar
3. The first-ever traffic lights in Pattaya were installed at:
A. North Road
B. Central Road
C. South Road
D. Jomtien Beach Road

4. Which country’s tourists will receive 90 days visa-free from next month:
A. China
B. Russia
C. Kazakhstan
D. India
5. Pattaya’s Floating Market dates back to:
A. 2004
B. 2008
C. 2012
D. 2016
6. Pulse on Soi L.K. Metro recently reopened as:
A. Minx
B. Throb
C. Feline
D. Pussy

7. According to its street publicity, the oldest restaurant in Pattaya is:
A. Alibaba
B. Au Bon Coin
C. Nicky’s
D. Layla
8. The last mayoral election in Pattaya was in:
A. 2016
B. 2018
C. 2020
D. 2022
9. Buddha Mountain’s laser Buddha is the biggest in:
A. Chonburi
B. Thailand
C. Asia
D. The world

10. The most famous song about Pattaya is:
A. Pattaya Pattaya
B. Bad Boys Heaven
C. Up Yours
D. Pattaya My Love
11. Whose weekly Sunday column about nightlife in Bangkok and Pattaya appears online:
A. Dave the Rave
B. Stickman
C. Bernard Trink
D. Nightmarch
12. Which of the following titles was never a Pattaya printed newspaper:
A. Pattaya Today
B. Pattaya People
C. Pattaya Times
D. Pattaya Mirror

13. The approximate size of Pattaya Country Club golf club is:
A. 500 rai
B. 1,000 rai
C. 1,500 rai
D. 2,000 rai
14. Which famous Pattaya nightclub opened in 1978:
A. Marina
B. Ruby Lips
C. Tahitian Queen
D. Classroom
15. Which Pattaya hospital has been operating since 1981:
A. Pattaya Memorial
B. Pattaya International
C. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
D. Pattaya City Hospital

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