Pattaya’s Koh Larn Island hotels fully booked for holiday weekend

Tourists arrive on Koh Larn to spend a few relaxing days of relaxation during the long holiday weekend.

Koh Larn hotels are fully booked for the four-day Ploughing Ceremony and Buddhist holiday weekend.

The Pattaya tourist island’s front pier buzzed with activity May 12 as Thai tourists arrived early for the Visakha Bucha weekend. The actual holiday is Sunday, May 16 so Monday is the substitute holiday.

The weekend is also the last chance for a family getaway, as schools reopen nationwide Tuesday.

Hotelier Kanjanop Sukkee said all rooms were booked with walk-ins walking out disappointed and had to take the boat trip back to the mainland.

Koh Larn has only 2,000 hotels rooms, but up to 10,000 people planned to visit for the holidays.

Kanjanop Sukkee, a hotel business operator on Koh Larn said that all rooms were fully booked and many disappointed tourists had to go back to the Pattaya mainland.

A unique street scene showing a baht bus, a golf cart and a motorbike sidecar transporting tourists around Koh Larn island.