Pattaya’s Koh Larn Coral Island reaches 70% vaccinated mark

Thank goodness for weekends! About 1,800 people took a trip to Pattaya’s paradise island on June 19 from Bali Hai pier.

Koh Larn has reached the 70-percent mark for Covid-19 vaccinations, giving residents and businesses hopes that tourists will start to return in big numbers.

June 19 saw 1,800 people travel to the Pattaya tourist island, far below the 5,000-plus-a-day traveling there before April. While business owners were grateful for the business, they noted that numbers decline on Sunday and drop precipitously on weekdays.

Travelers to the island must wear face masks and present identification before boarding ferries.

While tiny Koh Larn, with just 2,500 residents, has reached a presumed “herd immunity” level, the rest of Pattaya still has only a few percentage points of the population vaccinated.

IDs and temperatures are checked before customers are allowed out onto the pier.