Pattaya welcomes Chinese delegation, plans for 3000 tourists in February

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet welcomed a Chinese delegation, consisting of 13 representatives from Liang Ka Company and Louista Travel to discuss tourism strategies and to reveal plans to bring more than 3,000 Chinese tourists to Pattaya in February.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya City officials, led by Mayor Poramet Ngampichet, extended a warm welcome to a delegation from Liang Ka Company, consisting of 13 representatives from the People’s Republic of China, on November 30. The delegation, led by Louista Travel, visited to meet with Pattaya city officials, discuss tourism strategies, and seek guidance.

During the consultation session, Liang Ka Company and Louista Travel emphasized the significance of Pattaya as a tourist destination. Recognizing Pattaya’s readiness to welcome Chinese tourists, the city boasts a variety of attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and amenities that cater well to the preferences of Chinese visitors.

In an exciting development, the companies revealed plans for more than 3,000 Chinese tourists to visit Pattaya in February. This showcases the growing interest of Chinese tourists in exploring Pattaya’s offerings.

Mayor Poramet emphasised. “Pattaya is fully prepared to receive all tourists, placing a strong emphasis on their safety and ensuring a memorable experience. The city aims to position itself as a central hub for future tourism, offering a diverse range of attractions and services for visitors from around the world.”