Pattaya transgender group hands out food, condoms on World AIDS Day

To mark World AIDS Day, the Sisters Foundation gave out 500 meal boxes, drinking water and condoms.

A Pattaya transgender-rights organization donated food to LGBT residents struggling amid the coronavirus recession.

The Sisters Foundation made its donation of 500 meal boxes on Dec. 1 to commemorate World AIDS Day.

The group usually organizes a parade and other activities every Dec. 1 but, due to the continuing Covid-19 crisis, canceled other plans this year.

Director Thitiyanan Nukpor said most of Pattaya’s gay, lesbian and transgender community works in the bar and entertainment industries, which has been devastated by coronavirus-related closures.

While most workers returned to the provinces or found other jobs, many are still unemployed and struggling to survive, Thitiyanan said.

Considering it was World AIDS Day, Sisters staff gave away condoms with the food and drinking water.

Thitiyanan Nukpor Director of Sisters Foundation Pattaya said that most of LGBT commuity worked in the entertainment industry have lost their jobs and are suffering badly.

Poor families in the area were given food and drinking water to commemorate World AIDS Day.