Pattaya Survivors: Caddy Shack’s home from home

The Caddy Shack staff serve great meals with a smile.

Pattaya Survivor

When the subject turns to food, Pattaya came of age with a very strong British presence. That’s still true even during the current pandemic. Facebook groups debate fiercely every single day burning issues such as where to find the best breakfast in the resort, the tastiest fish and chips made with beer batter and the most succulent Sunday roast. Time to introduce the Caddy Shack, located near Suksabai Villa and the Land Office in South Pattaya.

Opened in 2006 by Koy Fortt and husband Keith, but not their first business by any means, the Caddy Shack owes its name to the golfing fraternity who swarmed Pattaya at the time. Since then there’s been considerable expansion and lots of extras, but the basic tenets remain the same. “We offer quality food at fair prices and in a cool and hygienic environment,” says Koy. She acknowledges that the British customer base, about 60 percent, is the bedrock of the restaurant with popular support amongst the overall expat community.

Koy and Keith Fortt were married 34 years ago in Bangkok.

Koy and Keith met in a Phuket hair salon, where she was working at the time, and were married in Bangkok in 1987. They spent many years travelling to and from Thailand and Koy attended classes in cookery at an Essex technical college. “I always knew Koy had a flair for cooking,” says Keith, “and she has been the cornerstone of all our businesses.” She is obviously a good manager too as several of the staff have worked in the Caddy Shack since its earliest days.

Like all successful businesses, Caddy Shack has moved with the times. Live sports play regularly on big TV screens, but not intrusively so, and during “normal” times there are live music evenings and quizzes for those who want entertainment with their meals. A subsidiary company, Bake House Pies, sells a wide variety in the area to both retail and wholesale customers. Ordering online is getting popular too. The outside area has been spruced up and the large magic message board means you can’t drive past without noticing.

The large magic message board means you can’t drive past without noticing.

The menu has diversified too. Additional to the classic British fare, there is a substantial English-style Chinese menu that is especially popular for takeout and delivery service which is a growing segment of the sales. Not to mention the substantial Thai menu, spicy or not according to taste, and newer items such as the French baguette jumbo rolls with plentiful meat and salad fillings. The desserts are special too with the cheesecake deserving of a special honorable mention for those not following a low calorie diet.

Caddy Shack can be described as a family business, but it’s the quality food which encourages the repeat business from all over Pattaya and Jomtien. Koy and Keith have survived the pandemic because of that reputation. Currently, in dining is allowed but the serving of alcohol in restaurants is not permitted by the government. Once that restriction is removed, Caddy Shack will once again assume its role as a market leader in Thailand’s favorite seaside resort. If you’re in any doubt that’s true, then try their fish and chips.