Pattaya Prowl: Pattaya’s future


Here’s a prediction from a recent Stickman’s Bangkok internet column. “I think the development of the tech city near Pattaya and the proposed high-speed rail link to Bangkok will dictate the future of Sin City. Pattaya may find itself becoming a commuter town and all the seafront and prime areas will be in demand to cater for professionals. Naturally, the displacement of bar areas nearby will move them to more outlying areas as new residents seek a higher standard of amenities.” Food for thought there.

֎ Watch out for total bar closures on the weekends of May 7 (advance voting) and May 14 (election day). Alcohol may be banned for two consecutive weekends from Saturday 6 pm until midnight Sunday some 30 hours later. Twice in a row, though no announcements yet.

֎ Unusual exhibition of cultural heritage to be held in Pattaya beach area April 1 and 2. Lots of music festival-style organized by the Ministry of Culture.

֎ Outsize shirts and pants for men? Check out the clothes units in Made in Thailand on Second Road. Just wander round and ask. You’ll save a lot of money with a little research.

֎ 808 Nightclub on Walking Street is well worth a visit if you are energetic. Located above Candy Shop, it has unusual corridors lined with mirrors and a lively dance floor For the less playful, there’s a terrace lounge with TV screens showing live sports.

֎ Could take longer to order a new British passport via the embassy in Bangkok. Talk of strikes in UK. Remember you can renew whenever you like and as often – just keep paying the fees. No need to wait until the thing is nearly expired.

֎ I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous – everyone hasn’t met me yet.

֎ Down at Made in Thailand, there’s the prospect of the reopening of the bar complex which was demolished during Covid. Next October could see the revival.

֎ Average economy price of a return ticket from UK to Bangkok seems to be settling at near 1,000 pounds or 42,000 baht. The Middle East airlines may have the best deals. But it’s a rapidly changing scenario.

֎ Glorious Tuesday buffet at the Hilton Edge restaurant for 650 baht. The theme is Mediterranean Classics. Very classy.

֎ I haven’t spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months. I don’t like to interrupt her. (Ken Dodd)

֎ What’s the tallest building on Pattaya’s beach road? It’s the elegant Hilton Pattaya Hotel. Now you have the answer if the question crops up at the pub quiz.

֎ Castro bar in Boyztown has colorful feathers, lots of sequins and a frenetic cabaret show. Prime example of how the Pattaya gay scene has developed.

֎ City Hall needs to look again at the decision to close off the entrance to Walking Street at night. The idea was to ban food carts and motorbike taxis, but they have also denied access to wheelchair tourists of whom there are many.

֎ Phuket is enjoying a boom with luxury villas and condos sold out. Is Pattaya next on the list?

֎ The English Breakfast Society says hash browns should not be part of the good old English breakfast. American trash it seems.

֎ What is a promiscuous person? It’s someone who is getting more sex than you are.

֎ Anyone who opens a bank account or registers a SIM card for somebody else now faces fines and jail if there is an intent to commit a crime. Last week, many Pattaya banks reported customers closing accounts rather than opening them. Mule accounts they are called.

֎ Repairs to Thepprasit Road now scheduled to be completed by the end of May. City Hall blames the electricity company which says the waterworks people must take the responsibility. Someone should tell the trio to work together. Agreed?

֎ Is it just me, or is Walking Street becoming more and more Asian, whilst Europeans are flocking to Soi Buakhao? Just wondering.

Happy Hunting!