Pattaya gears up for Charity Loma Run on the Beach 2023

The Loma Run on the Beach 2023 is held in collaboration with the Human Help Network Foundation for Thai Children, encourages not only physical activity but also serves a noble cause.

Pattaya, Thailand – Pattaya is all set to host the 9th annual “Loma Run on the Beach 2023” event. Scheduled for Sunday, September 24, 2023, this charitable walking and running extravaganza promises to be a highlight for sports enthusiasts and those with a passion for giving back.

Held in collaboration with the Human Help Network Foundation for Thai Children, this event not only encourages physical activity but also serves a noble cause. Participants can choose from three exciting race categories: a challenging 21-kilometer Half Marathon, a 10-kilometer Mini Marathon, and a more leisurely 5-kilometer Fun Run. It’s a race for everyone, from seasoned runners to families looking for a healthy outing.

Jomtien Beach, with its picturesque shoreline, will serve as the backdrop for this year’s Loma Run. The event will kick off at the Dongtan Beach area, near the Jomtien-Pattaya Police Station, and will wind its way along the stunning coastline.

To ensure the safety and convenience of both participants and local residents, Pattaya authorities have put in place several traffic management measures. These measures will help minimize disruptions to regular traffic while allowing the runners to enjoy a safe and scenic route.

The Loma Run organizers and Pattaya officials have collaborated to implement specific traffic management measures:
Jomtien Beach Road Section 1: To create a dedicated lane for the race, Jomtien Beach Road Section 1 will be restricted to one lane from the Machanu (Hanuman) Intersection to the Poo Pen Soi Intersection. Staff will be stationed at every intersection to manage traffic and provide assistance. After the final runner safely reaches the beach, the road will be reopened for normal traffic.

Jomtien Beach Road Section 2: This section will see the placement of rubber barriers along the centerline to create separate running lanes for both outbound and inbound legs of the race. Normal traffic will be maintained in the left lane. Staff members will ensure safety at intersections, and the road will reopen for regular traffic once the last runner passes.

The city of Pattaya recognizes the inconvenience these temporary traffic measures may cause to road users during the event. However, these steps are crucial to ensure the safety and success of the Loma Run on the Beach 2023. Pattaya City is committed to minimizing disruptions and making this event enjoyable for all participants and the local community.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner, a casual jogger, or simply want to be part of a charitable cause, the Loma Run on the Beach 2023 has something for everyone. For more information about the event, registration details, and road closures, please visit the event’s official website or contact the event organizers. Lace up your running shoes, embrace the scenic beauty of Jomtien Beach, and be part of a memorable day of fitness and philanthropy in Pattaya.