Pattaya City Expats Club – The hidden wonders of Pattaya/Chonburi

Lake Mabprachan – There are so many different areas to explore around the lake. Plus you can hire a bike to cycle around the whole lake on a dedicated bicycle path.

Did you know that there’s a Thai plant that if you touch it, the leaves curl up? Did you know what foods in a Thai wilderness you can eat? Do you know there is a truly huge “national park” just a short drive from Pattaya? Do you know you can wander through what is basically an Aussie gumtree bush out near Lake Mabprachan?

These “Hidden Treasures” were revealed by Member Dr. Ren Lexander, PhD, at the Wednesday, December 7, meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC). During the COVID lock-downs and restrictions, Dr Ren started to use the quiet time to explore the many hidden beautiful lakes and walks and temples beyond the boundary of Sukhumvit Road.

He shared a sample of his discoveries at the meeting through the many photographs he took on his explorations as well as giving directions on where to find them. Dr Ren was ably supported by his Myanmar fiancée Rose who brought to bear her expertise on bush plants – including one you can rub into your skin to relieve the sting of anything out there that bites you out there!

Lake Mabprachan – Also a quiet place for solitude.

As eloquent as Dr Ren is, his photos and videos were much more so. Truly the right picture is worth a thousand words. The photos included with this article are only a small sample as there was much much more as he also introduced the audience to the wonders of Phornprapha Botanical Garden, Wat Yannasangwararm (and the beautiful lake next to it which you can walk around), Viharn Sien Chinese museum, Wat Khao Mai Kaeo, Maha Chakri Phiphat Pagoda. He also commented on the pick of the after-walk cafes such as the amazingly stunning and charming: Paboon Café, Bua Klangai, and Coffee Beach café in Sattahip.

But, there was much more. To learn more about all these check out the beautiful, educational presentation by Dr Ren and Rose on the PCEC’s YouTube Channel at: To know more about the Pattaya City Expats Club, Thai immigration issues, and other information about expat living in Thailand, visit their website at:

Lake Mabprachan – Includes a very Aussie eucalyptus forest you can explore.

The pier at Wat Djittabhawan, located within Pattaya, is a beautiful place to visit.
Not only is the Wat Djittabhawan pier beautiful, it also provides a facility at the end of it to host a ceremony and have the ashes of a loved ones released into the sea.

Chak Ngaeo is a Chinese market that is currently open on Friday and Saturday nights. Well worth the visit.
Khao Mai Kaeo National Park – Just up a road from Lake Mabprachan, Dr Ren discovered this truly huge national park. It has a myriad of trails to explore.

Khao Mai Kaeo National Park – Plus you may find Thai ‘Bush tucker’ – native plants that you can eat.
Lake Takhian at Sattahip – A stunningly beautiful lake and an easy flat walk around it – much of it in the shade.

Wat Khao Pong Saket – A lustrous reclining Buddha. Plus a stunning ribboned walking trail up the mountain.
Wat Khao Pong Saket – Rose praying.

MC George Wilson presents Ren Lexander and Rose with the PCEC’s Certificate of Appreciation for revealing many of the hidden wonders of Pattaya and Chonburi.