Pattaya City Expats Club learns about a most devastating disease

Barry Jones gives a very informative talk to his PCEC audience about Metabolic Syndrome which he describes as the “Most Devastating Disease in the World”. He explains how being insulin resistant is the primary cause and this is brought on by improper diet.

Barry Jones provided a very informative talk about the “Most Devastating Disease in the World” to the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) at their Wednesday, July 27 meeting. The disease is “Metabolic Syndrome”; a disease which is poorly understood and only the symptoms are treated and not the root cause. Further his talk focused on the fact that it is preventable through following a good lifestyle and diet. This was followed by a brief presentation from Marjorie Grainger with Hand to Hand Foundation.

First up was Barry who stated that he is not a doctor, but he has attained many internationally accredited awards on the subject of diet and nutrition and based his presentation on research and scientific evidence.

He then explained that you have Metabolic Syndrome if you suffer from 2 or more of the following medical conditions: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, dementia, stroke, or aneurism. Barry emphasized that the most common denominator in all of these diseases is elevated insulin levels noting that the medical profession treats the symptoms, not the cause.

Barry said he would use Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) as the primary example in his presentation. With various charts and statistics, he presented a persuasive argument to support that elevated insulin levels are the cause and a proper diet is the way to prevention.

Barry Jones displayed this slide as he noted that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is unhealthy as it contains a very large percent of the foods that contribute to high insulin levels which is the primary cause of Metabolic Syndrome.

He explained in detail how insulin affects the body and how the body becomes insulin resistant. For example he said it is similar to the intake alcohol. At first it takes only a little to feel the effects, but the more you consume over time, a higher amount is then needed. This is the same when one consumes to much sugar giving rise to elevated amounts in the blood. He then described how high blood sugar (caused by eating too many carbs and processed food) increases the secretion of insulin which leads to insulin resistance that leads to a further increase thus locking your body in a loop.

This was followed with information about two types of sugar, glucose and fructose, and how they are processed by the body and lead to the production of insulin and its impact on fat cells. Further, he mentioned that high levels of insulin will not let you burn your stored fat. He described how the medical profession does not recognize this fact; they should be providing a diagnostic test for insulin tolerance rather than just blood sugar levels.

Barry described how a proper diet of less carbohydrates and processed food are what is necessary to treat the underlying cause. But, in treating the symptoms, doctors do not offer proper advice on nutrition. He then described the types of food to include and avoid to prevent T2D. He also explained how processed food and flavored beverages conceal the true amount of sugar in their label. Processed foods often contain Malodextrin as a sweetener, but it is included on the label as a carbohydrate not a sugar. Barry cautioned that Maltodextrin may cause a spike in blood sugar which can be fatal in people with insulin resistance.

Marjorie Grainger from Hand-to-Hand Foundation describes their latest fund-raising project, “Riding for Rice” and how it is building community, relationships and raising money to help the needy.

In conclusion he noted that humans are the only animal that suffers from metabolic syndrome, because humans are the only animal to deliberately consume a non-natural diet. He recommended that anyone with T2D diabetes to read Dr. Jason Fung’s book “The Diabetes Code” on how to prevent and reverse it naturally.

Barry’s presentation was followed Marjorie Grainger from Hand-to-Hand Foundation to announce their latest fund-raising project with people supported by the Foundation riding 50km per day from October 17th till November 2nd to raise for the Foundation.

She mentioned that it started as a small idea and has now grown into something that is building community, relationships and raising money to buy more rice and fund their scholarship program. She described how they practice on bikes donated for the purpose, but not all are the right size for all the participants, so more are needed.

Member Ren Lexander interviews Barry Jones after his presentation to the PCEC. To view the video on the PCEC’s YouTube channel, visit:

She said they are seeking sponsors noting that for a donation of 1,500 baht, business or organizations can have their logo displayed on the riders’ T-shirts. Her audience promptly stepped up with members and guests collecting 2,000 baht for the PCEC logo to be included. She mentioned that those wanting to support their “Riding for Rice” project, to visit:

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During her post presentation interview by Member Ren Lexander, Marjorie Grainger talks about how those they support are thrilled to be part of the Hand to Hand Foundation’s “Riding for Rice” project. To view the video on the PCEC’s YouTube channel, visit: