Parade for Peace in Ukraine held in Soi Welcome Jomtien-Pattaya

Residents, business owners, staff and friends of Soi Welcome Jomtien participate in the Parade for Peace in Ukraine.

Residents and business people in Soi Welcome Jomtien are known for their many charitable acts most especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when they distributed almost 40,000 meals to the needy in and around Pattaya.

When war broke out in Ukraine, the kind-hearted people of the community were shocked and saddened by the deaths and suffering of millions of innocent people in this deliberate act of aggression.

Paul Cross owner of the Richmond Restaurant & Bar organiser of the Parade for Peace in the Ukraine said, “We are seeing some horrific events happening in the Ukraine and decided we the people of all religions in Thailand are praying for this terrible war to stop now.”

The second Parade for Peace in the Ukraine was held on April 14 with scores of residents, business owners, staff and friends of the community participating.

Paul said, “During the holy week of Songkran, our only wish is for peace in the world.”
At the conclusion of the parade, a minute’s silence was observed to pay respects to the thousands of Russians and Ukrainians who have needlessly lost their lives in this senseless war.

A Thai woman holds up the universal sign for peace during the Peace Parade down Soi Welcome.

Paul Cross leads the Parade for Peace in Ukraine in Soi Welcome Jomtien during Songkran.

4. Thais and foreigners from many countries joined I the Parade for Peace Parade.

5. At the end of the parade Paul Cross proposes a toast to peace in the world.


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