Mott the Dog: Mott the Dog’s round up of some of the new releases

Blackberry Smoke’s album cover for You Hear Georgia, confirming they are American.

As we come jumping out of the pandemic, many bands are putting out their wares to welcome us back, with varying results.

Blackberry Smoke have an all new album called ‘You Hear Georgia.’ Now although this band are good fun live, they really don’t have an original thought. They have built a whole career out of being a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band, but they mostly play their own songs which are a parody of Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. Played in the style of, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Would I go and see them live? Yes. Would I pay good money for this album? No. If you want to listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Blackberry Smoke if you are going to cover Lynyrd Skynyrd’s sound you may as well copy their image too.

Dream Theater have been going with a varying lineup since 1985. During their enforced time off the road they have put their collective heads together and come up with a classic. Full of progressive rock epics, their masterpiece, the title track, is saved until the last track. Clocking in at over 24 minutes, it’s a monster. A band effort, but guitarist John Petrucci shines.

Great artwork for Dream Theater’s new album ‘A View from the Top of the World’ and this has certainly captured the scene very well. I love the old boots.

Dream Theater. Excellent musicians all.

Two of the most iconic bands in rock history have issued expanded editions of classic albums.

The Rolling Stones have brought out ‘Tattoo You’ again with all the bells and whistles in place. A remixed version of the original album, it’s a CD of nine previously unreleased tracks recently completed by the Stones in the studio. (Don’t forget that ‘Tattoo You’ was a collection of rejects in the first place, so what you are getting is rejects from the rejects!) Plus a two CD recording of the Stones in their pomp at Wembley Arena in 1982. So saying, it’s all rather fine.

‘Tattoo You’ album cover. All I can say is I’m glad it did not start a fashion statement, or did it?

Mick Jagger in his youth in 1982, looking pretty much how he does now in 2022. That portrait he keeps in the attic must be in pretty bad shape by now.

‘Let It Be’ by the Beatles is released again. This time as a 5 CD + A Vinyl edition, and a book, etc. The original album is great. But do you want another collection of inferior versions of the songs originally released, or be excited by halfhearted jams from the Fab Four plus Billy Preston for 6,000 baht plus P&P? Then order now. If not, stick to the version you already should have.

The Beatles iconic cover of their last released album Let It Be, although it was actually recorded before Abbey Road.

Hopefully 2022 will bring us plenty of good Rock music to add to our collections. Fingers crossed.
Written by Mott the Dog. Whilst waiting for a good run out.
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