Is it time to re-start the Skål Club in Pattaya?

Andrew J Wood, President Skål International Bangkok.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Is it time to re-start the Skål Club in Pattaya?

An easy process we need 15-20 members only to start a club. A small exco President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer and 1-2 Directors to steer (a few hours per week only.) There are funds available to help you restart. Monthly meetings at your properties can be a mix of cocktail or sit down. With chambers of commerce and guests it should be easy to have 30-40 pax every month. A regular income stream for club and venues.

My Bangkok club can mentor and hold hands but you need to be self governing.

If a few of you could meet to discuss informally it would be a start. To have Pattaya once again on a Regional and Global platform is important if you are to be taken seriously as a mature and professional destination. For those of you interested in MICE: SKÅL Thailand, SKÅL Asia and SKÅL International all hold annual congresses. The last World Congress in Pattaya was in 2006 and attracted 900+ pax. Great for destination and Travel/MICE/Leisure/Adventure/Media Marketing.

If you want to present Pattaya to the world, to travel and tourism professionals, Skål has a proven track record in Pattaya.

Warmest wishes
In friendship and Skål!
Andrew J Wood
Skål International Bangkok

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