Hard times caused by COVID-19 bring forth love and generosity in Pattaya

More than 150 people line up to receive food and water from generous business operators in Jomtien Complex.

Thai generosity and softness of heart is a major factor in the reasons for coming on holiday to Thailand.

Many people come on holiday to Thailand and do not immediately understand the Culture of the Thai people, why they are like they are, and it takes time to get it.

But here and now we have a great example of why Thailand is often called Teflon Thailand in respect of its attraction to visitors.

The genuine heartfelt feeling of goodwill and actions that spring from it are now to be seen in Jomtien itself, especially in and around Jomtien Complex where there are so many, now closed, bars and restaurants.

The closure has caused very many Thai boys and girls to be put out of work with no pay, and so nothing to eat.

Jomtien Complex volunteers keep busy preparing and distributing food to the community.

But wait! What is happening now in this area?

There have started up, in many bars and restaurants, a mad explosion of self-starting catering operations to feed all those who cannot fend for themselves.

This has panned out to mean that on most days there are tables put out onto the soi’s and roads, groaning under the weight of pre packed meals and bottles of drink, all to be given away to our needy and poor.

Such amazing work is undertaken by the very same boys and girls who no longer have jobs, but love to show their humanity for those less able.

It can be called ‘Making Merit’ or ‘Tamboon’, which is very good for Buddhist peoples.

The once bustling Jomtien Complex is now a quiet street for people to sit around waiting for the good days to return.

Now, almost three weeks after the declaration of emergency powers, there are many such bars all over Pattaya that are giving away free meals to the needy.

Here is the perfect example of why so many people from so many different Nations around the World love to come to Thailand.

Here they can bask in the love and generosity of the Thai people.

May Buddha put a flower on their head, each and every one.