Fancy Thai Dessert Made Easy at Dusit Thani Pattaya

Dusit Thani Hotel Vice President-Sales Prachoom Tantiprasertsuk hosts a workshop to turn coconut milk jelly into eye-pleasing flowers.

Thai desserts have been around for over a thousand years. Called “khanom” in Thai, the ingredients are usually obtained from materials closest to the agricultural surroundings, such as rice, sugar, and coconut.

It was not until much later, during the reign of King Narai, that the Portuguese influence played a part in the development of Thai sweets, adding eggs into the mix and creating a whole new collection of sweets.

But back to basics with coconut milk and sugar, the latest trend is making Thai coconut jelly in exotic flowery shapes and colors using silicon molds.

Dusit Thani Pattaya recently joined in the trend and held a workshop for the general public to learn the art of making fancy coconut jellies.

Prachoom gives personal instruction to Pattaya Mail’s Sue K.

From boiling coconut milk, to mixing food colors, to molding and decorating, the guests had a lot of fun and creativity with flops and successes, taking the best outcomes home for their family to enjoy.

For those with interest and a bit of business mind, this could also turn into a source of income.

Tea, coffee and snacks provided by the hotel were enjoyed by all.

Ann ensured us that Dusit Thani has plans to hold other interesting workshops again soon, especially activities for children.

We’ll keep you updated in the Pattaya Mail.

You can also call Dusit Thani for more information at 038 425611.

These artful pieces were made from coconut milk jelly.

It all starts with the right ingredients.

Loving care is put into the final project.