Every bar a ‘restaurant’ now in Pattaya

Restaurants must display the SHA certified signs prominently in their establishments.

Since alcohol sales returned to Pattaya, the city of bars has turned into a city of “restaurants”.

Beer bars, food stalls and even watering holes without a kitchen all have begun selling booze again. All it takes is an easily obtained restaurant license and a quick check to get a Safety and Health Administration sticker to become a restaurant.

Meanwhile, large clubs, karaoke parlors and go-bars remain closed, because authorities say “bars” cannot reopen until at least Jan. 16. The ban has become a farce, as only the biggest players are being banned while authorities look the other way as everyone else becomes a “restaurant”.

Many bars have converted into restaurants and the suds are flowing again.

The publicans who have converted their bars into restaurants say it isn’t simply a matter of getting the SHA sticker. They had to invest money to buy some alcohol hand gel, make sure the fans were running, space tables farther apart and close all but one entrance. Small price to pay to serve booze again.