Economic, roadwork top concerns among Pattaya voters

Nattakamol Chartmontri a beach umbrella vendor wants to see improvement in the quality of life for the poor as well as for the working class.

Economic, tourism and infrastructure problems top the list of problems that Pattaya residents want the next mayor to address first.

A small sample of Pattaya residents April 4 found universal enthusiasm for the May 22 mayoral and city council elections, the first in 10 years. And, to a one, no one expressed any concern for conservative or progressive ideology. They’re interested in pocketbook issues.

Beach umbrella vendor Nattakamol Chartmontri said she wants the next mayor to consider grassroots issues, including improving the quality of life for the working class and solving the homeless problem.

The economy and tourism are her main concerns, but she said she wants the next mayor to halt all the ongoing roadwork and drainage projects, as they are “never-ending” and are disruptive to the economy and hinder people like her from making a living.

Motorcycle-taxi driver Thanongsak Boonsub agreed that infrastructure work is a major problem and wants the next administration to complete the much-delayed roadwork more quickly.

He, too, wants the tourism industry to be revived and hopes to see Walking Street reopen as it was prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, Thanongsak said, the next mayor needs to resolve flooding problems once and for all.

Thanongsak Boonsub, a motorcycle-taxi driver wants the next administration to complete the roadwork as quickly as possible.

Everyone we spoke to wanted the urgent revival of tourism and the economy, including the reopening of Walking Street to be what it was before the pandemic.