Deputy Mayor makes latest promise to renovate Pattaya School No. 5

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Phettrakul inspects the classrooms at Pattaya School No. 5 to determine repairs and replacements needed.

One of Pattaya’s oldest public schools is falling apart and repeated promises to renovate it have been broken time and time again by the city’s previous leaders.

On Aug. 23, Pattaya Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Phettrakul became the latest city hall bureaucrat to visit Pattaya School No. 5 located on Sukhumvit Highway near the Father Ray Foundation to inspect the decaying conditions and, like her political group’s previous mayors, promised repairs.

Thitiphan found old squat toilets in the restrooms, blocked restroom doors, falling ceilings, damaged sewer grates and broken classroom floors.
The 71-year-old campus most recently held a fundraiser in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic delayed any efforts to repair the school as promised by both ex-mayors Sonthaya and Itthiphol Kunplome.

Supposedly repairs will be coming again soon, but no schedule was announced.

The deputy mayor found the restrooms to be in a state of disrepair needing urgent renovations.

One classroom didn’t have a ceiling which the deputy mayor promised to fix as soon as possible.

The quality of food was also inspected for cleanliness and hygiene.


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