Deputy mayor approves urgent renovations to decaying Pattaya school

Pattaya City officials point to the decaying walls with rotting paint at the school.

Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Petchtrakul was stunned by the state of dereliction of Pattaya School No. 6 (Wat Dhamsamakkee) in east Pattaya when she went on an inspection tour Sept 6.
Administrators of the school pointed out decaying buildings, including leaking roofs, cracked walkways and tiles, broken or missing windows and rotting paint on the walls to name but just a few of the establishment’s shortcomings.

The deputy mayor was informed that Pattaya School No. 6 founded in 1957 is situated on 13 rai (of land in Soi Wat Dhamsamakkee opposite South Pattaya Road across Sukhumvit Highway in east Pattaya. The school provides education to kindergarten children up to the 6th grade. There are presently 5 four storied buildings and 1 one storey building. They were built many decades ago.

On her walk about on the school campus, Dep. Mayor Thitiphan was appalled to see that the classrooms were in a state of disrepair and there was rust everywhere including the playground equipment.

She looked in disbelief at the lavatories which were dirty and broken, the drainage did not work and sanitary ware was cracked and unusable.
She said that the present state of the school was totally unacceptable and that it was unsafe and unhygienic for the children.

Deputy Mayor summarily approved and ordered immediate renovations to be made at the school so as to give the children a safe and hygienic environment to study in.

Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Petchtrakul (left) greets students in one of the classrooms.

The playground and equipment are old and rusted and could prove hazardous to the children.


Deputy Mayor Thitiphan Petchtrakul looks at the broken and missing glass on the classroom windows.

The lavatories are dirty and broken, the drainage did not work and sanitary ware cracked and unusable.

One of the bathrooms is now a storage room for old computer desks and broken office equipment.