Covid visa extensions expire today, March 25

Hundreds of foreigners queue up at the Jomtien Immigration office to check on their visa status as the 60 days’ extensions expire tomorrow, March 25.

The Jomtien headquarters of Chonburi Immigration is overflowing once again. Many foreigners are checking on their visa status as the 60 days’ extensions, based on travel difficulties during the pandemic, finish on March 25.

The so-called Covid extensions, introduced two years ago, were designed to grant extra time to foreigners unable or unwilling to reach their foreign destination. But many tourists have also taken advantage of the discretion to enjoy a very long vacation in the sun.

It is not currently known if the immigration authorities nationally will extend the program for another two months as in the past. The land frontiers remain largely closed to tourist traffic, although several posts serving Laos and Malaysia are set to operate from next month. No announcement has been made for crossing from Cambodia.

Immigration officers today were stamping some foreigners’ passports for an extra month, or even two, pending national clarification. Ukrainian and Russian nationals are being given compassionate extra time but separately from the Covid scheme. Foreigners who have recently arrived with a 30 days visa exempt status can extend for a further month without dependence on the Covid loophole.


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