Camillian kids treated to Stones House party on Walking Street in Pattaya


On Sunday the 23rd of February 2020, kids with the HIV/AIDS virus and disabilities from the Camillian Social Center Rayong were treated to a house party on Walking Street. But not just any party, this was the 11th Stone House party put on by Gary & Noi Strickleton.

When the kids arrived, the donations were still being unloaded from cars, trucks and motorcycles. Gary & Noi are very well known in Pattaya and they had asked everybody to chip in and help again this year. Even the deputy mayor of Pattaya came and said a few words on stage. It seems that most of the bar owners in Walking Street once again made contributions to this year’s party.

The kids all arrived on time and that is no small effort with the traffic problems that all face in Pattaya these days. The kids had all been looking forward to this event for weeks and they were all eager to get into the party mood.

The music from the house band was already playing and the magicians were awaiting their turn on stage, of which there where at least three. The kids simply love the magic. But then the afternoon was simply a magical occasion yet again in Gary & Noi’s Bar.

Many of the kids got up on the stage to dance almost from the start. Some only took a break from dancing to have some of the many different types of delicious food that the benefactors had provided for the party.

As with all great days out it was soon at an end and it was lucky that there were so many hands available to help carry all the donations away. Everything from bag a pone, bag of rice, to cuddly toys, were carried out to the vans that brought the children.

Adding to the excitement, Norman Vernon, a friend of Gary’s, received many cash donations that will go towards next year’s fun events for the children.

So Great Thanks must go to Gary, Noi, all their staff, many of whom gave up their free time, all the stage performers, all the very many bars that made a contribution, the police for providing a safe environment, and all the very many others who contributed to this great event.