British Chamber of Commerce Thailand goes yachting

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya’s Janya Rattanaliam and Tanya Wallapha Sawasdikool hand out hand sanitizers.

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club welcomed 100 land-lubbers from the members and friends of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT), for their last pre-Xmas chamber event of 2020.

The venue was on the lawn leading down to the bar overlooking the launching area for many of the boats.  Early revelers were able to watch a magnificent sunset, but had to withstand a force 2 gale, which fortunately eased as the sun went down.

Whilst 2020 has been a momentous year for everyone, the mood of the attendees was generally very upbeat.  Ensuring that everyone was indeed happy was the Executive Director Greg Watkins, doing a sterling job as always.

One of the sponsors of the event was the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya with Dr. Iain Corness handing out hand sanitizers with Janya Rattanaliam and Tanya Wallapha Sawasdikool and pretty Nurse Sunisa taking blood pressures (or sending them up).

Newer member Kieran Taylor from PKF was seen in earnest consultation with Graham Macdonald from the Eastern Seaboard branch of PKF.

Lucy Electric was well represented with Trevor Moolman chatting with Mark Butters from RSM and Colin Hastings of the Big Chilli magazine.

Simon Matthews from Manpower out did himself with the gaudiest shirt of the year.  Simon is well known for the sartorial splendor, but nobody could miss that shirt.

While Tellus Systems Simon Davies was ready to ‘tell us’ all about his company, which is what these Chambers of Commerce meetings are all about.

Seen taking it easy was Chris Thatcher, as befits someone with his BCCT seniority.

These Chamber of Commerce meetings are of great value to anyone making a new business in Thailand, or even just reinforcing the company’s position in the Kingdom.