Blue Park at Bali Hai Pier reopens after technical repairs

The fountains are dancing again at Blue Park next to Bali Hai Pier after completion of repairs and renovations.

Pattaya, Thailand – Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai announced the reopening of the water fountain park at Bali Hai Pier, known as the “Blue Park,” on September 26. The park had been closed due to technical issues, which were later identified as faulty software. City engineers and their team conducted repairs and renovations using the city’s maintenance budget to restore the park.

While the Blue Park has reopened, there are still pending improvements, primarily related to the park’s lighting and sound systems. Due to budget constraints, these enhancements are scheduled for the fiscal year 2024. The city aims to continue its restoration efforts to maintain Bali Hai Pier as an alluring and functional attraction for both tourists and local residents.