Bar owners, patrons toast end of Pattaya lockdown

Chai Yo! Employees and punters celebrate the end of the second wave shutdown.

Foreigners and bar owners celebrated after watering holes across the city reopened following the end of Pattaya’s second shutdown.

A stroll along Soi 6 found many of the beer bars reopened, although, even before the shutdown that began in December, about half the bars on the street had been closed.

Those that were open had plenty of hostesses catcalling customers and groups of foreign guys drinking and carousing with bargirls.

Cruising Soi 6, sometimes dubbed the longest street in Pattaya because it takes so long to get from one end to the other.

“David,” a British national, said he was happy to see Pattaya’s lockdown lifted and called his foreign friends to meet on Soi 6 after not seeing them for a long time.

“Pradub,” a bar owner, said only half of her staff has returned to work so far, but she has implored them to return. She told them that regular expat customers will return and that they can earn money for food and rent again.

Pradub said the bar is following disease-prevention protocols, such as checking temperatures and providing hand sanitizer.

Even this exercise enthusiast greets the bar workers on his way by.

Cold beer and warm company; lifeblood for many expats and tourists.

All smiles after returning to work and finally earning income to support their family.