Banglamung officials distributes food packages to the needy

Banglamung Subdistrict mayor Acting Sub Lt. Jaraywat Chinnawat (left) together with his municipality officers distribute food and drink to the needy people of his constituency.

Needy people living in the Banglamung subdistrict north of Pattaya gathered at the municipality office on April 25 to receive rice and dried food donated by generous residents of Banglamung district.

Banglamung Subdistrict mayor Acting Sub Lt. Jaraywat Chinnawat, together with his deputies helped to distribute 500 sets of food packages containing rice, dried food, eggs and water.

Each person was given 5 kgs of rice, a pack of drinking water and 15 eggs. Other daily necessities were also part of the survival package.

The mayor said that residents of the district generously donated money towards this charitable undertaking as an act of merit making during the Songkran Thai new year period.

Banglamung subdistrict residents happily carry their supplies of food and water handed out from two fully laden municipality trucks.