100-year-old Pattaya woman to be honored

Pattaya City health officers paid a visit to 100-year-old Ladda Rattanaoran to give her a physical checkup which she passed with flying colors. They also gave the spritely centenarian food, consumer products and face masks.

When Ladda Rattanaoran was born, King Rama VI of Siam sat in the Grand Palace, the kingdom had only 10 million people and democracy was still a decade away.

On June 27, Ladda passed a physical exam with flying colors. Well, as flying as a 100-year-old can muster.

Nongprue Public Health Department nurse Nittaya Jittireungkiat and subdistrict social workers called on Ladda at her home in the Ban Euarthon Naklua housing project, finding her still sprite for her age.

Ladda’s family said she had an ear infection recently, but after a visit to the doctor, it was clear now.

They gave the centenarian a bag of food, consumer products and face masks and invited her to a July 8 ceremony where she’ll be honored for her long years in Nongprue and Pattaya, which she predates by 30 years.