Yes Officer, can I help you?


Dear Hillary,

There seems to be an increased BIB presence since the New Year. Any ideas on what we can do about this? I’m starting to feel like a fugitive any time I go out on the bike. Makes no difference that I am wearing a proper helmet, I get stopped, check under the seat and no sorry or anything. Sure, stop anyone without a helmet, the road toll is the worst in the world and mainly motorcycles, but to pick on everyone doesn’t make tourists want to come back here. I believe many of these traffic checks are revenue raising for the BIB.


Dear Gert,

I can understand your feeling. I even get apprehensive riding my bicycle, but I rarely get on to the big streets and stick to the little side sois. I believe what many drivers do is to have 500 baht in the wallet for the checkpoint. And ensure the bike registration is current, your license as well and visa current.