You won’t catch a man this way


Dear Hillary,

Who was it who said you catch a man through his stomach? My problem is the other way round. The GF insists that it is her job to cook for me, right. But she can only cook Isarn food and I cannot eat the stuff, just too spicy for me. There there’s that other stuff called Pla Ra which smells like old socks and it is so bad that when I come home after work I can tell if she’s even opened the bottle. The smell is unreal. I’ve tried telling her I cannot eat her food, but she won’t even try cooking European food. I even bought some cook books dealing with Euro food in Thai. That didn’t work either. What’s next Hillary?


Dear Grant,

You know what the answer is – you just don’t want to face it. Your GF is very stubborn, and doesn’t really care for you at all. Sure, in Thai society, the woman cooks, but she cooks for the husband, not for herself and Isarn friends. The answer to your problem is find somebody new in the kitchen, or there’s the drive-in at the local hamburger joint. Your call, Petal.