UK ladies to the right – Thai ladies to the left. Charge!


Dear Hillary,

I am a lady based in the UK. You have had a column in the Pattaya Mail for many years and we often read about hapless foreigners who lose their savings due to meeting the ‘wrong’ lady. Some of the posts are hilarious. How can some men be so stupid you might ask? The ladies don’t care; there is always another tourist on the plane to Bangkok. I have no experience of the scene, but even though I only read about things there, I still can’t understand just how many guys end up this way.


Dear Lyn,

Take a look in the mirror. Do you see a 45 kg black haired, brown eyed vision of loveliness looking out at you? A vision that hangs on your every word? A vision that will give up working in a bar, just to look after you? (For the three months a year that you are actually in Thailand.) The western women have adapted to their society ever since they got the vote. The Thai woman already has the vote, but most can’t be bothered to register. West and East are quite different, Petal.