Who sells the chicken egg?


Dear Hillary,

Not long been here, but long enough to know that a knowledge of the Thai language is definitely an advantage. Even if nothing else to know what the girls are saying about us. What is the quickest way to learn, to a reasonable standard? I’m from the UK, so I’m used to French and German, if that makes it easier for me.



Dear Peter,

There are many ways to learn any foreign language and language schools is one of them. Look around and you will see there are many language schools offering courses in Thai. I can’t recommend one language school over another, but I do always suggest you learn the Thai alphabet, as being able to read Thai will certainly make life for you a little easier. Total immersion is one method which is reputedly very good and you would do that by going to live with a Thai family somewhere up-country. A Thai family with no English, so you have to try to understand Thai. However, don’t think you will understand the bar girls. They speak Lao!