What happened to Nairod?


Dear Hillary,

A couple of years back you had some chap who wanted to date you and he was called Narood or something like that.  You kept on turning him down, and were quite strong to him a few times.  What ever happened to him?  I am wondering if the rejections were too much for him to handle?  Do you remember him?

The Enquirer

Dear Enquirer,

Yes, Petal, I do remember him.  How could I possibly forget him, drawing pictures of me in floral print dresses, and I never wear floral prints.  You have a good memory, but his name was Nairod, not Narood, and I’ll give you the fact that he certainly was persistent.  But his spelling was also atrocious, something I cannot stand.  I do remember suggesting he pitch his tent on the middle of Sukhumvit Road, and as I haven’t heard from him since, perhaps he did.  Those Orange Crush busses don’t stop for anything.  I don’t think I saw an obituary for him, but he really was a simple soul, and totally forgettable, other than by you and me.  If he’s still out there, he can send me a short letter to show he’s still alive, but no floral prints and protestations of undying love.  OK?