Redemptorist Vocational opens over-budget ramp, seeks more donations


Out-of-service elevators no longer will leave students at Redemptorist Vocational School grounded as the Pattaya facility officially opened an expensive, new multi-floor ramp system.

Officials from the vocational school and its owner, the Father Ray Foundation, along with construction and design executives cut the ribbon on the ramp May 24.

Students and faculty gather for the official opening of the new multi-floor ramp system. Students and faculty gather for the official opening of the new multi-floor ramp system.

The 3.6 million baht ramp has been under consideration since 1996, but due to its cost, construction did not begin until late last year. The project, however, is still 440,000 baht in the red and Father Ray officials are soliciting donations to help repay builders for construction expenses.

The ramp, which connects the five floors of the vocational school’s second building of classrooms, offices and dormitories, was deemed necessary because of breakdowns and expenses of using the building’s main elevator. If the elevator was out of service, students in wheelchairs had difficulty traversing the floors.

Principal Udomchok Churat also said the ramp should cut maintenance and electricity costs for the lift. The ramps also connect to the school’s primary building at the fifth floor, enhancing convenience for students.

Construction, however, was not cheap. The ramp was launched with a 2.9 million baht donation from a charity foundation in Monaco. Suchai Rujivanitchkul of Sea Side International Consulting Engineering, donated his design services.

Arc Construction Co. began work Nov. 22 last year but environmental and utility problems pushed the project over budget. Arc, however, carried on, despite not being paid.

Father Ray officials are now asking for help in covering the 440,000 baht shortfall. Those interested can contact Udomchok at 086-834-2803.