Wealth hazards – again


Dear Hillary,

I remain utterly flabbergasted that every week, or it seems that way, you will get another letter from a broken hearted male who has lost another house and several ounces of gold to another young Thai hussy.  That is after the buffalo has had its expensive injections to get it on its feet again and her brother’s broken leg is mended after falling off the motorbike that he bought the girlfriend.  And let’s not forget the repairs to the motorbike as well.  Does nobody warn these people that this is the most likely outcome?  Perhaps you should have a notice inserted in the paper that Thai women are a wealth hazard!

The Wise Investor

Dear Wise Investor,

Are you implying that Thai ladies are only after what’s in the male wallet, and not in the pants?  How could you possibly say such things?  Have you been reading Stephen Leather’s book Private Dancer to come out with these preposterous ideas?  And where Stephen Leather got the ideas in the first place is way beyond me.  The reason the girls are all sitting on stools outside a bar is because they are just walking to work and they are tired and have sat down for a little breather.  That’s all.  The thought of getting some well endowed male (in the monetary sense, Petal) to donate to the family financial cause is the furthest thing from their mind.  So you see, there’s nothing to warn the young chaps about.