Is Hillary a real person?


Dear Hillary,

Are you a real person?  You’ve been handing out the advice for a few years, but we never get to see you.  With all the functions that Pattaya Mail attends, we would have expected to see at least one shot.  But none.  Mates have come to the conclusion that you are not one person, but are probably like a committee and you share out this week’s letters, keep the good ones and bin the rest.  Are we right?  Or are we right!  Honest answer please, “Ms.” Hillary.


Dear Jason (and the Argonauts),

Sorry to disappoint you boys, but Hillary is one person, and is definitely not a committee.  Remember that a camel was a horse designed by a committee.  Do you honestly think the Pattaya Mail could come to an agreement on what to keep and what to bin?  Sorry, but you are very wrong.