Walking on the moon


Dear Hillary,

I saw that Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, has just died.  He did that first moon walk 40 something years ago but there are still people out there who say that it was a fake and they filmed it all in Arizona.  Would you believe that, Hillary?  He’s supposed to have kept quiet about it all for 40 years!  What a story he could have sold to the newspapers!  And there were the other astronauts on that first mission too.  How did they keep them quiet?  Agree with me?


Dear Lester,

Of course he landed on the moon.  If it was faked, don’t you think the other two astronauts would spill the beans?  But even more likely is that the Russians would have shown it to be just Arizona and not the lunar surface and made America look small?  Or do the doubters think Russia was in on the act too?  The world seems to be full of conspiracy theorists these days.  Just remember that Hillary is ‘real’.  You can depend on it.  Would I lie to you my Petal?


  1. With reference to Lester’s letter with regard to Neil Armstrong and fellow astronauts. I have my own opinion to that but that is neither here nor there. What I would like to talk about is the fact they did land in Pattaya! As we all know about the Vietnam War and American G.I.s on R&R in Pattaya it seems very few are aware of the personalities who actually visited here to entertain the troops, apart from the local personalities, nudge nudge wink wink! At that time we had a very beautiful and undisturbed coral island which turtles regularly visited and laid their eggs on the south side beach and V.I.P. visitors were allowed to go there, stay overnight and gaze upon this wonderful sight! The huts for the want of a better word can still be viewed today. These astronauts, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins had that pleasure and the evidence can be seen in concrete as there is a walkway between the south and north beaches. Their hand and foot prints are imprinted in concrete, signed and dated by all. Others such as Bob Hope, Miss World, The Duke of Edinburgh, probably most importantly for Thailand The King and Queen and members of the royal family. There is way too many to list. The island is called Koh Sak about 6km from Pattaya; I hope this may interest some people.

  2. I was in Cape Canaveral when they took off so I know they left. Otherwise, I don’t know but I have seen ‘moon rocks’. Look like any other kind of stone to me.


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