Grey Power


Dear Hillary,

A few weeks ago you had someone called Ginger write to you complaining about older foreigners, which then produced a few reader’s letters all saying what a berk he was.  What I want to know is why is it that young people try and put us older chaps down all the time?  I would have thought that since they are so “superior” they wouldn’t worry about us older chaps at all.  Seems they are afraid of the grey power revolution.  I may be a pensioner, but I’m not afraid of them.  What do you think Hillary (you must be one of us as you’ve been doing this job for a few years now).

Old Jim

Dear Old Jim,

It has been a few years of slaving over a hot keyboard, my Petal, but I’m not really a “grey power” person.  I just like to keep to myself with my chocolates and champagne for company.  However, I agree with you, in that what do these young people expect their elders to be doing.  Sitting at home knitting?  If an older fellow finds a sweet young thing to look after him, just what is wrong with that?  So we all know that she is being paid in the position (no sniggers please, an unintentional pun), but if it works for both parties, then there is a mutual understanding which doesn’t need young people pointing fingers.  Grey power Old Jim, just ignore the young chaps, and you enjoy yourself.  With your pension and all, you can probably outspend the youngsters too.