Village weddings again


Dear Hillary,

What is the real deal on getting married in the village?  I came over last year and met a nice girl who looked after me for the two weeks.  I did send her some money afterwards, but nothing regular.  I let her know I am coming over again in December and she wants to know the dates as she wants to take me to her village where she says we can get married and that way I will know that she will always wait for me.  She will stay in the village with her mother when I am not in Thailand.  I reckon it’s all a bit rushed, but she really is a stunner and I like the idea of having her waiting for me, and I’d come over more often than just Xmas time.  Looks great, but I’m just not 100 percent sure.  What do you think?


Dear Robert,

I don’t know how old you are, but I get the feeling you are fairly young.  You also did not say where you met your future “bride”, but I will guess in some bar or other.  Sorry Petal, but you will be running for a huge disappointment if you go up country and marry your sweetheart that you have known all of two weeks.  She won’t stay in the village, but will be luring some other young chap with the promise of marriage as well.  These girls are very good at selling the dream.  If it helps you to make up your mind, village weddings are not even recognized as legal weddings, even by the Thai government, let alone your own one.  No Robert, don’t do it!

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