Champagne delivery


Dear Hillary,

Don’t you think it is time you stopped asking for champagne and chocolates?  I am sure nobody actually sends any to you, or you would be telling us readers all about it!  Come clean, old Petal.  When was the last time you dined on champagne?

Doubting Thomas

Dear Doubting Thomas,

First off, you should have better manners and respect your elders.  No more of this “old Petal” if you don’t mind.  Second, I do not reveal my private life to just anyone who sends me an email, particularly fairly insulting ones at that too.  Third, you don’t “dine” on champagne, you “drink” champagne.  And if you are a regular reader you would know that there are several people who look after Hillary, such as Big D from the USA, who never fails to send me over some goodies.  As far as you, Thomas, you will remain in my bad books until suitable peace offerings are delivered to the Pattaya Mail office, clearly marked “For Hillary”.  Thank you.